Monday 20 May 2019
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Proposed Development in Denmead ~ AQUIND Interconnector

The next development proposal to affect much of our local area is likely to be an infrastructure project led by AQUIND limited.

AQUIND delivered a presentation at Denmead Parish Council's Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday 6th March 2019 in Ashling Pavilion. CLICK HERE for more information. Councillors and residents were also given the opportunity to ask questions and express their concerns. To read the Minutes taken from the Planning Committee meeting, CLICK HERE.

To view AQUIND's responses to Denmead Parish Councillors' list of questions, CLICK HERE.

To view AQUIND's additional and amended responses to Denmead Parish Councillors' list of questions, CLICK HERE.

The concept, according to AQUIND, is that by connecting the French and UK grids, both countries can balance supply and demand by reducing the risk of loss of power.  It is estimated the Interconnector could become operational by 2022. 

If residents have received correspondence directly from AQUIND, such as the Land Interest Questionnaire, or if they have any concerns in relation to this 'Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project' (NSIP) affecting Denmead, they have been advised by AQUIND to contact them directly. WSP's Land Referencing Team can be contacted via tel: 020 3116 9389 or by emailing  or accessing information on their website at 

A document produced by AQUIND called the Non-Technical Summary, provides information which includes the potential environmental impacts from the installation of the interconnector. Click on this link




Carpenters Field Development

Work to the infrastructure affecting the highways has already commenced on the south part of the site.

Ecological investigations are now underway. Sheeting is keeping out the wildlife that has already been moved from the part of the site that they are working in.

It is predicted that the Developer will commence building works by the end of May 2019 and the first occupation is anticipated in November / December with the whole build estimated to be finishing by 2021.

Denmead Parish Council will be informed by the Developer of any possible temporary road disruption. We will endeavour to keep our residents informed accordingly. 


Safer Neighbourhoods Panel 

The Safer Neighbourhoods Panel held its meeting on Thursday 25th April 2019 in the Barn Green Room at The Old School, School Lane, Denmead.

Both Councillors and members of the public were given the opportunity to raise questions and comments to Denmead's Neighbourhood Sergeant and PCSO, who provide visible policing presence and support in Denmead. 

To read the notes taken from the meeting, CLICK HERE. 


Healthy Walks

Summer Evening Walks 

A total of 15 walks are planned for each Tuesday evening from the 14th May until the third week in August details of which can be obtained by CLICKING HERE.

These well-supported romps from various venues in the area are open to everyone and a warm welcome awaits new walkers to the group.

Any queries and further details can be obtained by contacting Denmead Parish Council office on telelphone 023 92247947


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