Thursday 23 January 2020
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Highways and Transport

The Parish Council is determined to improve road safety within the village and actively pursues Hampshire County Council, the Highways Authority, to provide traffic calming and repairs to the road network. It also monitors the maintenance of verges, hedges and footways together with street lights, bus shelters, road signs and drainage.

The Parish Council liaises with Hampshire County Council and Public Transport operators to ensure that an adequate service is provided to the village.


For defective street lights, pot holes, overgrown hedges, damaged road signs or other problems in and around the village please use this link to report road defects, this link to report defective street lighting, email details to or use the contact form above.

Reporting of Dead Animals on the Highway

Winchester City Council undertake the collection and disposal of animals, both wild and domestic, killed on the highway.

They will be collected the same day or next working day if reported out of hours. All domestic pets are scanned as the majority of owners are micro-chipping their animals in order to trace their whereabouts should they be lost, stolen or killed. To report a dead animal please call 01962 840 222 .


The Parish Council transport representative is Cllr Paula Langford-Smith and any comments you may have can be emailed to her via  

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