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Committees and Representatives for 2017-2018

The number of Parish Councillors for each committee is shown in brackets against the title, in addition the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Council are voting members of every committee and sub-committee unless they signify that they do not wish to serve.

Chairman of Council: Cllr Paula Langford-Smith** 
Vice-chairman of Council: Cllr Kevin Andreoli*


Finance, Administration & Personnel Committee

Chairman of Council

Vice-chairman of Council

Chairman of Amenities Committee

Chairman of Highway & General Purposes Committee

Chairman of Planning Committee


Amenities (8) Highways & G P (7)     Planning (7)
K Andreoli (Chairman) I Brown (Chairman)  P Langford-Smith (Chairman)
I Brown J Morphett I Brown
P Langford-Smith N Rusbridger A Jones
K Scholey K Scholey J Morphett
G West G West R Pearson
    N Rusbridger
P Langford-Smith**  P Langford-Smith**  
  K Andreoli* K Andreoli* 


Denmead Scene

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Other Groups and Organisations

Parish Councillors

elected as representatives



(Number of representatives required shown in brackets)



Cllr J Morphett


All Saints Church (1)

Cllr K Andreoli


Denmead Community Association (1) 





Emergency Planning / Flood Officer/ H & S Champion (1)


Mr R Hallett


Hambledon and Denmead Welfare & Educational Trust (1)


Cllr P Langford-Smith


Parish Transport Representative (1) 


Cllr N Lander-Brinkley


Winchester District Association of Local Councils (1)

Cllrs N Lander-Brinkley, 

P Langford-Smith and 

K Andreoli

West of Waterlooville Advisory Group (3)