Thursday 9 April 2020
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Responsibilities of Committees and Sub-committees

1   Planning:  

(a)  To make recommendations on individual planning applications in accordance with the 'Guidelines for the members of the Parish Council of Denmead Planning Committee'. 

(b)  To draw District Planning Officers attention to breaches of planning conditions. 

(c)  To promote and monitor Tree Preservation Orders. 


2   Highways and General Purposes:  

(a)  To further Highway maintenance, traffic and road safety. 

(b)  To monitor maintenance of lights, bus shelters, litter bins, road and hazard signs and drainage. 

(c)  All matters relating to the Burial Ground. 

(d)  To monitor the maintenance of verges and footways. 

(e)  Any other matter not specifically within the scope of any other committee or sub-committee. 


3   Amenities:  

(a)  Management of playing fields, Village Green and all other open space areas. 

(b)  To monitor Landscape Maintenance Programme. 

(c)  Replacement/repair of machinery and plant; maintenance of all buildings owned by the Parish Council. 

(d)  Day-to-day management of King George V Trust Land. 


4   Finance, Administration and Personnel Committee:  

(a)  Investment of Council monies 

(b)  To monitor all items of expenditure and income including Insurance. 

(c)  To be responsible for all Administration and Personnel functions of the Council 


5   Footpaths Sub-Committee:  

(a)  Appointment of co-opted members and walkers. 

(b)  Maintenance, signposting and way marking (as agents for the county) of all paths being rights of way other than footpaths. 

(c)  Negotiation with landowners in conjunction with County Officers. 

(d)  Preparation of maps and records. Publication of booklet.