Thursday 9 April 2020
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Creech Wood

A wood of mostly conifer with some areas of old broadleaves. Different age structures of trees provide different habitats for wildlife, including patches of heather. Wide grassy rides provide a network of walks for those people who know these woods.  With no waymarked walks provided, new users are advised to take care not to get lost. For further information please visit the Forestry Commission website.

  • During the next few months the Forestry Commission will be cutting back trees and undergrowth along Bunkers Hill to improve the lines of sight for motorists. Please note that some traffic control may be needed during this work. 
  • Work is still going on to re-instate the ground at the Apless Road end of the Wood following the completion of the cable work by National Grid.
  • There will be improvements made to the walk from the end of the Jubilee Avenue running to the south-west of the Woods.
  • Signage for the Easy Access Trail will be prepared and installed next Spring.

Members of our Parish Council meet the local Forestry Commission Beat Ranger regularly, under the Chairmanship of our County Councillor, to keep up to date with what's being planned in Creech Woods.

At the Furzeley road end of the Woods, the Parish Council, working with the Forestry Commission, established a Jubilee Avenue  of 60 Lime Trees in 2012 to celebrate the 60th year of the Queen's reign. Each tree was paid for by people in the village often to commemorate a family event. Many people planted their tree themselves on a cold and wet November Saturday! Take a look for yourselves.

Visitors to Creech Wood who want to find out more about what's in Denmead should check out the Map on the Notice Board in the car park.You'll be made very welcome in our cafes, shops and pubs. 

Posted 25th November 2014 & Updated 6th October 2015