Thursday 9 April 2020
Telephone: 023 9224 7947

Changes to Healthy Walks arrangements


When I sent the email with details of the walk we had planned for Saturday 28th March 2020, I was aware that it was likely we would have to postpone it, however in view of the directives from the government yesterday evening it will obviously now be impossible to hold any walks in the foreseeable future. Once restrictions are lifted, and I appreciate this could be months ahead, we will recommence our strolls around the countryside. 

Just to say that a full programme of 15 evening walks are 'in the bag' but how many we manage to complete, if any, is something none of us know at present. Obviously you are still allowed to walk in areas where there is no potential contact with others, and, as the route I sent you last weekend is likely to come into that category, if you wish to tackle it yourself the directions given should get you around without any problem.  When Judith and I did a recce last weekend we met no one at all while completing the route, although I should add there were a few people in the High Street at Southwick.


Should you want me to send you details of any specific walks we have done in the past don't hesitate to ask, remember you are still allowed to go out individually or in pairs as long as there is no contact with others.  

Look after yourselves and stay safe, Martin Lewis.

For any update please contact MartinLewis:


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