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Burial Grounds of Denmead

Denmead was the daughter of Saints Peter and Paul, Hambledon. All Saints' was built in 1880 but had no graveyard and so all burials were carried out at Hambledon.

In 1919 land was acquired by the Parochial Church Council and was consecrated as a burial ground. In 1985 the Parish Council took over the administration of the burial ground. Interment and reservation of grave space is usually extended to the residents of Denmead although this service may be extended to non- parishioners who have a strong Denmead connection at the discretion of the Council

The burial ground is situated on the edge of the building line to the north of the Parish. It is approached from a small signposted lane in Kidmore Lane off the Hambledon Road east of the Church. The ground is divided into three areas, namely the Old Burial Ground containing nearly 800 burials and cremations, the New Burial Ground with about 300 and the North Field which was consecrated in July 1995 came into use in 2005.

The general surrounding, being on the edge of fields and a nature reserve, tastefully planted with trees, presents a quiet and peaceful area. The maintenance of the ground is carried out by Parish Council Staff in an efficient and sensitive manner. The number of flowers placed on the graves through the year by relatives and visitors shows that this is much appreciated. The seats, which have all been donated, are used by those wishing a few moments of quiet thought.

Burial Ground Fees and Forms

Burial Ground Regulations and Services

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